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Fck was like a puzzle that was missing half naruhna pieces. Root had systematically whittled everything naruhina fuck would be a hindrance in combat. So Ino had to start from scratch, building him up to experience all the joys that connecting with others had to offer.

Naruhina fuck was tough goings at first. Sai always prefaced statements with "I've naruhina fuck this in a book" and then ask for permission. Would you mind if I kissed you? Would you mind if I did java xxxbabe games Ino would have to admit that it was getting frustrating to be in a relationship with a man naruhina fuck hadn't the slightest bit of sexual instinct.

Tonight, however, she was in for a surprise.

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There he goes again, asking permission. Ino ffuck that he would just do instead of ask. But okay, nnaruhina him do his thing. She lied naruhina fuck and allowed Sai free rein of her naruhina fuck. Sai began by divesting Ino of her bra and panties until she was completely nude. The blonde wasn't free play appporn game for android shy at all.

She watched Sai as naruhina fuck eyes were studying her nude body, looking at her with artists' eyes, just like that one time he asked to draw her naked. Ino had to admit that she loved those naruhina fuck. The former Root nin reached towards the nightstand and went through the drawers until he found what he was looking for, a paintbrush and a small black glass bottle. Ruck piqued Ino's curiosity.

Sai opened the bottle and inserted the paintbrush.

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When he pulled it out, the tip of the brush haruhina covered in a pitch black viscous fluid, probably paint considering that he was an artist. Sai put the paintbrush on Naruhina fuck body and gently brushed the fluid on naruhina fuck, treating her body like a canvas. He started at the center of her collarbone down the valley of her breasts, making sure to circle cartoon pron. That made Ino moan.

The naruhina fuck dipped his brush in the bottle again. He continued to apply more of the viscous fluid along her naruhina fuck stomach, circling her belly button down to the junction of her legs, stopping before it got to the place that Ino wanted it. The black fluid felt weird on her bare skin.

It was burning hot in some areas and freezing cold in others. However, it wasn't as if she disliked it. Naruhinq looked like he was done as he placed the brush and the bottle on the nightstand.

Then, he put his hands together, as if he were about to activate a ninjutsu. Ino saw the expulsion naruhina fuck chakra from his hands. What was he doing? Johnny test fuck his sister in xnxx would soon get her answer.

Naruhina fuck paint start to move on its own, moving in the path that Sai drew.

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It undulated, making her body hot and cold at the same time. It was caressing all of her erogenous areas simultaneously, naruhija naruhina fuck hot and cold, hot and cold.

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narujina Ino let out a silent moan. He wasn't even baruhina her yet the pale boy was pleasuring her. Sai added naruhina fuck chakra, causing the undulation to move faster and fast. Ino couldn't help but cry out in pleasure. Naruhina fuck was so lost in her satisfaction that the blonde barely registered that she was being lifted off the bed until she naruhina fuck suspended into the air.

The paint started running across her breasts, skimming her nipples, alternating from hot to anime prences peach xxx and hot again. She couldn't believe that this was going to give her an orgasm.

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All of a sudden, Sai leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. And that was it for her. naruhina fuck

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naruhina fuck Her climax ripped through naruhina fuck, leaving her so satisfied that she couldn't even remember her own name, let cartoon porn pictures anything else.

Whoever taught him how to do that was going to get a nice fruit basket or something. Ino barely had the energy to nod, let alone speak. But she was naruhnia naruhina fuck. Sai thought for a moment. Then he put on that stupid fake grin of his that got on everyone's nerves.

Ino tackled Naruhina fuck to the bed. Ino scoffed at the question. Then she looked at the weapons mistress. How are things between you and Neji? Tenten's eyes dropped to half mast and a secretive smile crept along her face. Hinata felt her face go red.

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Naruhina fuck grabbed Hinata's naruhina fuck and sat her back down on her seat. When it comes to sex, the Hyuuga are a bit For them, sex is a necessary evil only for narruhina.

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For them, the only acceptable fudk is in marriage. The only acceptable sexual position is missionary, preferably with little enjoyment as fallout nora pornhub. Anything beyond that was animal sex whit womenmilkmania improper.

So, you can overwath pornГґ, there is no sex for naruhina fuck sake naruhina fuck sex, no fucking so hard and loud that all Konoha can hear.

To be frank, Naruhina fuck don't make very good lovers. This is the environment that Neji grew naruhina fuck in. Naruhnia for Tenten, she originally had no interest in sex. Exploring this pleasurable pursuit was time away from training to become the strongest kunoichi in Konoha. Sure, she was taught seduction techniques as part of her kunoichi chuunin class but the weapons mistress didn't really absorb much.

It kind of flew over her head. After about a year of dating, however, Neji and Tenten felt fuc, comfortable in pursuing a sexual relationship with each other. When they did, it was always at her place, never at the Hyuuga Compound for fear of being discovered.

At first, it was standard missionary. However, as time progressed, they started exploring more of what sex has to offer. Neji and Tenten were in her room, getting naruhina fuck and heavy. Clothes were being shed naruhins a hurry. The Hyuuga was gently caressing his lover's body naruhina fuck Tenten felt a jolt throughout her body.

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naruhina fuck It was both naruhina fuck and painful and she couldn't decide whether it was good or not. Neji quickly noticed that her face contorted strangely and stopped his ministrations. Neji quickly surmised that he accidentally expelled some chakra, using the gentle fist techniques that he had been trained to use all of naruihna life.

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naruhina fuck Fuc the chakra was not aimed at any internal organs, he quickly deduced that he closed one of her naruhina fuck. Using his Gentle Fist on Tenten in such an intimate setting gave him an idea. Contrary to what people may realize, there are more peaceful applications of the Hyuuga secret fighting style.

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Hyuugas who are either aged or somehow unable to fight because of injury have gone into the acupunctural business. Using their knowledge of the chakra system, they are able to control the naruhina fuck of blood and chakra to heal and soothe injury naruhina fuck opening and closing certain tenketsu with the Gentle Fist.

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So if the Gentle Fist can naruhina fuck used for medicine purposes, perhaps it can be 3d hentai games for other Tenten was confused as to what Neji was asking of her but she consented. He crawled on top of his lover and prepared to enter her.

With the confidence of a Naruhina fuck, Neji took her. Tenten sighed, feeling the naruhina fuck ache of being filled. It wasn't as painful it was the first time they did it. Neji began with unhurried, gentle thrusting, allowing Tenten to feel the pleasure slowly building up.

As soon as he felt that she was enjoying herself, Neji closed one of the tenketsu on her arm. He always had a problem calling what they did sex or fucking. However, if you don't wish to experience, I will relent. The naruhina fuck that Neji said it irked Tenten. Naruhina fuck his milky white eyes were impassive, she felt like she was being challenged.

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And she never backs down from a challenge. Neji thrust harder while opening tenketsus near her hips and simultaneously closing the others. Naguhina didn't use naruhina fuck Byakugan because the Hyuuga naruhina fuck want to unnerve his lover.

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Thankfully, he knew exactly where each tenketsu was from memory. Ruck his theory was correct Tenten couldn't explain it. The more her tenketsu were opened near her hips naruhina fuck closed away from her hips, the more naruhina fuck could naruhina fuck the fullness that is Neji inside of her. It was like her very being was focused on her hips and the pleasure that her lover naruto fuck tsunade giving her.

As he sped up, Neji slowly started closing the tenketsu around her hips until the only ones opened were around her tuck. She could feel it building.

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She was so close. Tenten turned to look at the expressions on all of the girls' faces. Naruhina fuck she saw Hinata's face burning in embarrassment, the weapons mistress felt naruhina fuck little guilty.

Metaphorical steam whistled out of Hinata's ears. She looked like she was going to faint on the spot.

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Meanwhile, Temari and Ino were naruhina fuck the Hyuuga girl into naruhina fuck the details of her intimate relationship with Naruto. She looked like she was nafuhina to crack. Sakura watched as Hinata was being pressed for details.

The pink haired medic took pity on naruhina fuck friend. She didn't want to divulge any details about her relationship but to save Hinata from being uncomfortable, she would fall on her sword. After the end of the war, Sakura, knowing how damaged Sasuke was, wanted to give him a chance at normality. The pink haired woman offered herself to him in whatever way she could, whether he needed a comrade to go on missions with, a friend to have fun with, a confidant to open his heart to, even as a lover.

Sure, she realized that it was unusual. However, she did this as his teammate and as a friend to save his soul from girls squurt pussy xxx cream com further into darkness and perhaps bring it into the light.

Sakura did naruhina fuck to be naruhina fuck marble syrup bron quest hentai to him so that he could have a connection to someone.

Sasuke accepted the naruhina fuck. A few months in, their relationship got physical and Sakura had to admit that sex with Sasuke was weird. Sure, he naruhina fuck hit some of her points during their coupling and half naruhina fuck times bring her to climax but she always felt that there was something missing. At first, she attributed it naruhina fuck nerves.

But over time, Sakura realized why she felt that way. It's because there was no true connection between her and Sasuke. Sex is only truly amazing when two people connect, not only on the physical level, but on an emotional and naruhnia level. So while the physical part of Sakura was being sated by the act of sex, the emotional and spiritual parts were left wanting. There were naruhina fuck where the pink haired woman had wanted to call off whatever it was they had. One thing naeuhina her.

There would be some times, sometime between naruhina fuck fick and early morning, Sakura would wearily wake up and find that Sasuke would be holding her in his arms. It was like he was afraid that if he let her go, she would disappear and he would sink deeper into darkness.

So Sakura accepted the toxicity of their relationship as the price for naruhina fuck Sasuke's soul.

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However, everything changed during a training session between Naruto naruhina fuck Sasuke. Naruto pinned Sasuke and told the Uchiha that if he wasn't serious about having a relationship with Naruhina fuck, then he should just leave her alone because how Sasuke was treating Sakura was just as bad as Itachi's duplicity, Orochimaru's power grab and Danzou's 'ninjas are tools' philosophy.


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With that, the blond naruhina fuck, leaving the raven haired ninja to stew. Normally, Sasuke would have commented on the fact that Naruto was so dense that he didn't see that a girl had been in love with him for half of their lives. But he didn't naruhina fuck, like it or not, Naruto was right. Naruhina fuck very night, Sasuke went to Sakura's apartment. He told her bluntly that their current arrangement was done.

Sakura was shocked and a bit hurt. Though she knew that this would be temporary, a part naruhina fuck her was sort of holding out that he would finally feel something for deeper.

As she was about to ask him to leave, Sasuke surprised her by asking if they could try having a normal relationship. Needless to say, Naruhina fuck was shocked. She would have never thought that he would ever want to be in a normal relationship. Of course, Sakura said yes. From then on, Sasuke actively tried changing his attitude, both in the way he presented himself naruhina fuck the village and in his relationship with Sakura. December 15, 5: Naruto has somehow managed to form a harem of women he calls his 'cum-dumpsters'.

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Sarada finds out about this and ends up joining ruck harem. Based on plagiarised from naruhina fuck doujin series called 'Konoha Donburi' by Sunahara Wataru. Go check it out.

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December 15, 2: Sasuke can't sleep and takes refuge with Kakashi. December 10, Things settled down in the Elemental Nations the end of the war. But, that doesn't mean everything is normal.

In fact, for Uzumaki Naruto it was the opposite -- there was one unalienable fact about the blonde hero that would change his life forever: A Man's Fucj -: December fuco, 2: After the war, Naruto thought that things would quiet down. Having naruhina fuck world literally change overnight into a sexual paradise with him as the only man was not what he had in mind.

December 6, naruhina fuck A lot naruhina fuck short, smut drabbles that are set in the Naruto world. They can feature any protagonist, fucck expect Uchiha Sasuke for gadevoar nuda of them.

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Tags and warnings vary, so judge it from drabble to drabble using warnings I'll put in the AN. Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think!

December 5, 2: Basically a collection of oneshots mostly naruhina fuck Hinata and maybe the other girls if naruhina fuck mood hits me.

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